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  Geoflex S

Geoflex S
Silicate resin for application in mining and tunnelling

Geoflex S - flexible and non foaming

In tunnel construction and civil works stability problems can be solved by the injection of quick setting resins.

Geoflex S is an injection system which has demonstrated its suitability for the consolidation of unstable areas or convergences in tunnelling. In combination with self drilling bolts such as Minova Weldgrip SDA's or FiReP GRP bolts the Geoflex S injection system has contributed to increased safety both in mining and tunnelling.

Geoflex S is a non foaming elasticised dual component resin with excellent adhesion. It can be applied in cracks with widths larger than 0.15 mm.

The following applications are possible:

· Consolidation and stabilisation of drift
· Bonding of injection bolts e.g. Minova Weldgrip SDA's or FiReP GRP bolts


· The resin reaches 90 % of the final strength after just 15 minutes
· The bonding strength is approx 5 MPa
· Geoflex S is non foaming and flexible




Thumbnail - Click for  Enlargment

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Technical Data

Material Data of the Components

Unit A B

Density at 25 °C

kg/m3 1 480 ± 30 1 140 ± 30

Flame Point

° C -- > 200

Viscosity at 25 °C

mPa*s 260 ± 60 140 ± 40

Reaction Data (at 25 °C)

Start of reaction

140“ ± 30“

End of reaction

315“ ± 30“

Shore factor

D 60

Thumbnail - Click for  Enlargment

Thumbnail - Click for  Enlargment

Thumbnail - Click for  Enlargment

Due to its flexibility Geoflex S ia able to deform during rock movement. Even in thin layers Geoflex S reaches a bonding strength of more than 1 MPa in only a few minutes.


The two components of Geoflex S form a viscoplastic non foaming silicate resin. If the components are thoroughly mixed the mixture will not absorb water (e.g. from the rock) and cant be mixed with it. Cured resin is resistant against acid, brine, saline solutions, and many organic solvents.

Both components are mixed in a 1:1 ratio by using a packer with an integrated static mixer and pumped in a predrilled borehole via a dual component pump.

For further details and technical data please see the technical data sheet and safety data sheet.


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